Located in Lakewood, Colorado… Al’s Digital House produces visual storytellers. Stories that captures your audience’s attention using stunning animation and 4K/HD editing. Our award-winning generalist Alex Stephens is a creative artist that has worked with corporations, advertising agencies, big and small businesses, airlines and broadcast stations on a wide variety of successful video production projects

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The Best Listener

When you begin with a concept, the most important start to a successful video project is the LISTENING phase. Finding out who the audience is. Main Topics. What is the pacing and feel to images and animation? Who’s going to be involved. What budget restraints are there. How is it going to be viewed? You cannot produce the perfect video with starting down the same path together.

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Full Range of Productions

Commercial, corporate communications, training, online marketing spots and eye catching animation. Alex has the experience and skills to produce your next video. Alex has had the privilege of working with national clients including Pepsi, Yum International, American Airlines, ESPN, and Pizza Hut by creating cost effective work flows. Plug and play style of staffing allows Al’s to bring only the talent needed for each individual project, thus saving money without sacrificing the skills needed to create effective videos at affordable prices.

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What is a Generalist?

Think of a Swiss Army Knife: Always the right tool for whatever you need to get the job done. Sharp, accurate and efficient. Expert skills in animation, videography, editing that uses the best applications from Adobe and third party developers. The key to a great Generalist is great skill at all position and to be able the see the whole picture of the project from each skill.


David Gibbs Profile Animation
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Blue Moon Perfect Pour
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Pizza Hut First Book Highlight
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Coors 1873 Animation
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Pizza Hut Life Unboxed Highlight
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Medicare Rights Conference
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About Us

Al’s Digital House is your one stop shop for all your video production needs. Al Stephens has created stunning videos and animations for clients such as Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Coors, KOA Campgrounds, Grease Monkey and many more. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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