Author:James Stephens

snippet of pizza hut video production

Pizza Hut Hero Award

For the past 11 years during April, you would find Alex Stephens of Al’s Digital House lugging his camera gear through many airports across the country. When you have over 5,000 restaurants across the country like Pizza Hut you do get to see lots of...

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Image showing video production through mobile device

Pizza Hut: Hut Link Video

When Pizza Hut consolidated their internal websites under one roof they called it HUT LINK. One of their challenges was how to inform everybody where all their reports and day to day business links where moving… again. Pizza Hut contracted Al’s Digital House to take...

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Pizza Hut First Book Highlight

[iframe id=""] Pizza Hut has a commitment to unlocking potential through literacy and their partner is First Book but they needed franchisees and in-store team members to be the front line for getting customers involved. The Challenge: Explaining how to pitch the First Book concept for local schools...

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Pizza Hut Life Unboxed

[iframe id=""] How do you introduce a new concept called Life Unboxed to the restaurants in the field? The Challenge: Working with Human Resource to introduce the main three concepts of Life Unboxed to the field. The Approach: Using existing photography and print material to highlight each of the concepts...

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Blue Moon Perfect Pour

[iframe id=""] Part of Blue Moon’s appeal is that fact that each beer is truly a craft beer that is bottled with unique ingredients and served with a slice of orange. The Challenge: Getting everybody to serve Blue Moon with a perfect pour that creates the taste the...

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Coors 1873 Animation

[iframe id=""] Re-introduction the original beer created by Adolph Coors in 1873. The Challenge: Coors is brewed in Colorado using only water from Colorado Mountains. They needed a unique logo animation that introduced the new Coors Premium logo for a distributor meeting. The Approach: Animating the neck label to highlight...

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icon for KOA award convention video production

KOA Awards Video

What ‘s a company to do when you have over 200 winners to announce for your annual meeting and need to keep up the room energy? With over 480 locations in North American, KOA at its annual meeting gives out Presidents and Founders awards to...

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icon for pepsi south rally video production

Pepsi Pump it Up Video & Music

Every year Pepsi pulls their regions together for a planning meeting. To get everybody up and out of their seats in the opening, Tracy Locke of Dallas helps to create a cool intro video that sets the tone of the meeting. Al’s Digital House was...

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