snippet of pizza hut video production

Pizza Hut Hero Award

For the past 11 years during April, you would find Alex Stephens of Al’s Digital House lugging his camera gear through many airports across the country. When you have over 5,000 restaurants across the country like Pizza Hut you do get to see lots of airports and their baggage systems. Alex has different names for some of the baggage areas in the airport but that’s a different story.


Once again this year Alex will be traveling with Pizza Hut Operations in April to interview the Best of the Best Restaurant General Managers (RGM) for the Pizza Hut Hero Award and the Folino Award. Each year Pizza Hut honors their great RGMs at their Spring Business Meeting with the Franchisees with a video that highlights not only the RGMs but the teams behind them.

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Image showing video production through mobile device

Pizza Hut: Hut Link Video

When Pizza Hut consolidated their internal websites under one roof they called it HUT LINK. One of their challenges was how to inform everybody where all their reports and day to day business links where moving… again. Pizza Hut contracted Al’s Digital House to take on their organizational challenge last month by creating an internal video that announced where all their operational material resided.


Most people don’t react to workday change by saying… Oh goodie! I love change! So, a little humor goes a long way. Trying to think of all the questions the Team Pizza Hut users would have and their reactions to the new site was the concept behind the fun and humorous walkthrough of the new site. Working with Chris Brown of Pizza Hut and Audio Architects in Colorado Springs we created a fun script that addressed their questions and showed how easy it was to navigate the site. The biggest challenge in animating the video was having to re-creating the entire website with vector base images so that we could zoom into each menu drop down.

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icon for KOA award convention video production

KOA Awards Video

What ‘s a company to do when you have over 200 winners to announce for your annual meeting and need to keep up the room energy? With over 480 locations in North American, KOA at its annual meeting gives out Presidents and Founders awards to the owners of the best campgrounds across North America. When KOA wanted to take the awards to the next level and add some excitement, Mike Reid Production Management of Denver contracted Al’s Digital House to create a fun and creative format of announcing all the KOA winners.


Mike’s group created a great looking meeting logo that uses sitting around a campfire as their theme. So, Al’s Digital House created an environmental scene using a life like campfire scene as the backdrop for all the awards announcements.

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icon for pepsi south rally video production

Pepsi Pump it Up Video & Music

Every year Pepsi pulls their regions together for a planning meeting. To get everybody up and out of their seats in the opening, Tracy Locke of Dallas helps to create a cool intro video that sets the tone of the meeting. Al’s Digital House was given the task to take 7 logos and photos of each region head to pump up the audience. No storyboards, No personal meetings. Just, go and accomplish per the client.


Well, you need to have exciting music to pump up an audience and Al’s Digital House is licensed to use Atomica Music Library for all its videos. Using a neat little vocal track called “Here We Go!” was the motivation to animate all the logos and photos into one motivational video.

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