Pizza Hut: Hut Link Video

Image showing video production through mobile device

When Pizza Hut consolidated their internal websites under one roof they called it HUT LINK. One of their challenges was how to inform everybody where all their reports and day to day business links where moving… again. Pizza Hut contracted Al’s Digital House to take on their organizational challenge last month by creating an internal video that announced where all their operational material resided.


Most people don’t react to workday change by saying… Oh goodie! I love change! So, a little humor goes a long way. Trying to think of all the questions the Team Pizza Hut users would have and their reactions to the new site was the concept behind the fun and humorous walkthrough of the new site. Working with Chris Brown of Pizza Hut and Audio Architects in Colorado Springs we created a fun script that addressed their questions and showed how easy it was to navigate the site. The biggest challenge in animating the video was having to re-creating the entire website with vector base images so that we could zoom into each menu drop down.