Al’s Digital House provides a wide range of services to a variety of clients.

icon showing service of Concept Development for video production

Concept Development

Now days, video is used more than just on TV monitors. We watch video clips online, on our phones, digital signage at the gas pumps, electronic billboards, meetings, TV’s with OnDemand, IPTV, TiVo and satellite just to name a few. Al’s Digital House helps corporations to use video for communications, training, eye catching animation and digital media sites for marketing and other video products. When creating a concept, you need to think “Big Picture” and Al’s Digital House has the experience to develop your concepts from beginning to end. Effective videos at affordable prices.

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Many of the projects that are created at Al’s Digital House come in as a need and target audience but lack the concept and direction to be effective. Creating those concepts and then following through from beginning to end is what Alex does best. Pulling together on-camera talent, directing on-site with full crew, researching and looking for the perfect track of music from our huge music library. Been there… done that.

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What digital format is right for your project? Al’s Digital House has the experience to handle the high-end HD, 2K, 4K or cinema shoots on-locations. We’ve created great time-lapse footage that give the project depth without breaking the budgets. We’ve also worked with DSLR, HERO and aerial workflows to create beautiful HD footage for a fraction of the cost for our clients.

icon showing video production annimation


Al’s Digital House has been working with After Effects, Photoshop and other compositing systems when they were version 1. Having a huge library of artwork, 3D models and stock photos gives our clients ability to add depth and environmental images that increase the effectiveness of our animations. Creating award winning, visually stunning animations is the reason our clients love working with Alex.

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Anybody can own great editing systems, but Alex has the skills and the experience to edit all types of productions. From broadcast commercials to documentary long and short form, full training courses, corporate HR communications and digital media for large and small businesses. Plus, we don’t have the overhead, so we create effective videos for a great value.